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  • seasonal note
    seasonal note
    "KNITTING PATTERN BOOK"has been published
  • Gift notes
    Gift notes
    To thank, to congratulate, and to wish happiness, ...... A gift story for our cherished.
  • Greeting from an atelier
    Greeting from an atelier.
    Letters from Ayaka Soriano, designer of ENYO.
    She shares days and small discovery of her life in Rouen, France.
  • story of materials
    story of materials
    about materials Envelope has
    Volume 2: leather
  • Envelope's diary
    Envelope's diary
    Diary and notes on tiny, but happy events on Envelope online shop.
  • the linen bird Sewing Recipe
  • the linen bird Fabric Report
  • Memo de Lisette
  • KOHORO My Bags
  • KOHORO My Bascket bags
  • Knit beginner lesson by Moorit
  • My fitting room
  • Selection of the month Specialty coffee from Elmers Green