About Us

Envelope online shop is run by Cahoots Inc.

In 2003, our first store ‘the linen bird’ opened at an ally of Futakotamagawa, which is the town of the south suburb in Tokyo. At a small stock room of this store, we made its website with online shopping pages. This was the beginning of Envelope online shop.


As an assembly of independent stores


Though our stores are at many places around Japan now, we always want to be an assembly of independent stores, not a chain store.


Making and choosing

We offer the things what we made and what we choose. Our motto is always simple; be honest as a customer who wants to use and eat things that its root is clear.


▲ ‘Lisette’ has made original clothes with believing in natural beauty and timeless design.


▲ Our graphic designers are in charge of all designs, including a package of items, a menu or a store sign. Sometime we repair furniture or painting the wall in our store by ourselves.


▲ ’Okusawa Factory Coffee and Bakes’ plays a role as a hub for our cafes in Tokyo.


▲ ‘COFFEE & BAKES SAKAI’ roasts coffee beans for our cafes.


▲ Yarn shop ‘MOORIT’ chooses and offers various unique yarns from all over the world. And also designs many fashion items and knitting kits.


A place where you can meet the best thing for you

Envelope means ‘to hold and wrap around’, and also ‘leather of hot air balloon. In this word, we put our thought that our items can reach to you in our envelope and balloon hand by hand, even though we are an online shop.

We hope that you can find stories of our items and meet the best and comfortable things for your life at Envelope. Our goal is to provide our customers with a shopping experience that is, as much as possible, just like visiting the shops in person.



Cahoots Inc
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