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COCOONA SKINWEAR is a 100% silk underwear gives you ultimate comfort to wear for 365 days / 24 hours. Moist, soft, and as light as air. An underwear that you will fall in love for life.
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■As Light As Air

It's so soft and extremely light that it's like invisble if you hold it in your hand.

The build-In Bra Camisole is made of a very soft and light smooth fabric made of extra-fine silk yarn knitted with high gauge.
Very fine texture, light as air, so it's perfect for the high humidity season.

▲It's perfect to wear under one-piece dress or linen blouse.

Once you try in on, you may fall in love with this underwear.

■Silk that makes skin look beautiful

A hint of gloss on the silky fabric makes your skin looks brighter and sensual.

COCOONA SKINWEAR colour tones are well made for fair skin ladies.





Build-In Bra Camisole has a thin pad as a bra.


The back is covered which absorbs sweat during humidity seasons, it makes you worry-free from getting your blouse wet at the back.

▲Very thin straps design.

A thin elastic rubber under bust that fix the position on your body but at the same time not as tight as wear a traditional bra.

The under bust is made smaller to hold the bust, but the rubber has an 18-20 cm stretch width.

Under the bust is a line that naturally covers the body. There is no tightening around the belly and the fabric is so thin that it won't feel cold.

▲It's so thin that you almost cannot feel it under your top.

■How to choose my size?

2 size options available.
Size 1 (Under Normal bra size C75)
Size 2 (Above Normal bra size C75)

▲Size 1 on top of Size 2 to indicate the size difference.

■original bag

Comes with the product

▲It's small and light that is perfect for travelling.


Body material: 100% silk
Fabric: Smooth High gauge
Size: Total length 61 cm, Front length 48 cm, Under bust 56 cm
Total length 64 cm, Front length 51 cm, Under bust 62 cm
Special Care:
How to clean:
· Put gentle hand wash detergent in lukewarm water of 30 ℃ or lower, please avoid to wash together with other clothes
· Lay flat or hang in a proper way to maintain the shape
· Do not use alkaline detergent, enzyme detergent, bleach.
· Do not use tumble dry
· When storing, please keep insect repellent and store in a place with little humidity.
- Due to the nature of natural materials, it may shrink or elongate from excessive stretching during washing

Because of hygiene reasons, underwear products cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded.

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