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maku textiles MAWILL Khadi A-line one piece

This item is made with a traditional technique in Indian Bengal region.
Repetition of patterned sewed in indigo threads, and striped fabrics decorated along hem, collarm cuffs and walnut buttons along the chest.

Relaxed silhouette, extremely soft and light.
Please wear an inner one-piece as it is see-through.

Size(cm) total length Shoulder width chest Sleeve length
M 104 38 48 66
L 104 40 50 69
100% cotton. Made in India
100% handmade product, so some may have small flaws or differences.
Hand wash seperately from other clothes. maku textiles(マクテキスタイルズ) CALICO means working together with people who share the same thoughts. Maku values traditional textile techniques and makes sure their craftspeople earn a fair wage. Designer, Santanu Das, who studied textile at Indian National Design University. After he worked in a fashion company in New York, he became interested in Indian textile traditions and hand weaving. He moved to Kolkata and set up business with Chirag Gandhi. All their design are woven by skilled hand-weavers as khadi, muslin and jamdani fabrics. Every item is dyed with indigo dye, which has a 5,000 year-old history in India. However their motto is “anti-fashion”. Maku clothes are not marketed as fashion pieces – they are skillfully woven garments that promote the historical Indian craft, which shows the warmth of human craftmanship.
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