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SELECT | [ao] Indigo Dyed Stole with Jade Charm [ao] Indigo Dyed Stole with Jade Charm

A collaboration indigo product created by "ao", where it is a sewing factory in Niigata, Itoigawa city, and a local brand "mosubiito".
Perfect idea for gift.

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This type of stole is used to wrap around baby, so the imitated jade is a charm for good health.

The fabric is good ventilation and breathable, it is good to use in any season.

From raw material to final production, it's 100% made in Japan.

Material: 100% cotton tassel part Itoigawa made jade 8 mm (made in Japan)
Color: indigo dye
Size: 75 x 160 cm

※ This item may have a smell from this indigo. By repeating washing and drying, we will reduce it.

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