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the linen bird home | Q de bouteilles Glass Cool Appetite for Hot Summer

re_weeklyNow is the perfect weather and season for cold appetite everyday. A nice design good glass not just better use and presentation, but it improves your appetite and make the food taste better.
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■A glass created from used wine bottles.

Q de bouteilles collect the bottles only from restaurants in Somme Bay, Le Touquet in northern France.

▲When cold drink is served with ice

▲Right size to serve yogurt and it looks more delicious and fresh

▲It is good for formal dinner too.

■Delicate Craft

Charming glassed and bottles designed and crafted in France. All the glassed are originally collected from a restaurant in Somme Bay of Le Touquet in the north of France, then it is produced one by one by a certified glass artisan in France.

▲Because it is a reuse product, a surface scratch is seen.


Made in France
Size About: 7 x 8 cm
Weight Approximately: 200 g

Q de bouteilles
A young entrepreneur and a French brand launched by designer Emeric and Gauthier in 2016. The unique shapes of glasses and flower bases the two of us have uploaded are gathered not only from France but from all over the world.

※ There are some faint and scratches, individual differences products.
※ This item is also sold at Linen Bird FutakoTamagawa.
* Because it combines shops and inventory, we may not be able to prepare even if you order.
* The color of the display on the screen may differ slightly from the actual color depending on your environment and other factors.

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