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CALICO Jamdani dress White×Red

Jamdani weave
Eastern India Cloth using sewing weaving technology and its weaving, transmitted to the Bengal region downstream of the Ganges River.
It's called cotton Jamdani.
It is characterized by sheer material looking through a delicate and unique weave.

CALICO is an Indian handicraft brand founded in 2012. It is actively supporting hand weaving industry in India, and to make this industry sustainable.
The brand has visited various places in India, collaborating with craftmen in rural villages, or communities. CALICO produce hand spun and hand woven cloth, embroidered cloth, hand-dyed cloth, hand-woven cloth.

■ CALICO are availble in Kobe, Osaka, Kitahama COME to THE RIVER「KALAKARI(カラカリ)」 Some products available online may not be available in shops.


■The amazing world of Calico & Indian Craft


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