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Lisette | Linen Blanket of Mid Summer Night Linen Blanket of Mid Summer Night

This summer is very hot, especially in Japan.
We recommend this Linen mesh blanket to keep you cool at a mid-summer night.
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Fluffy mesh fabric

If you don't like air-conditioner or turning on strong, noisy electric fan at night, it is tough to sleep well when the weather is so hot.
Linen is a natural, breathable material, and the fluffy texture feel soft, calm and comfortable.

Gentle to skin

Linen can absorb a lot of water but at the same time, it dry out very fast. So this linen blanket can absorb your sweat but at the same time keep you dry too.

A blanket for you to pamper on sofa or relax at home

The fluffy, unfinished fringe is the design feature of the blanket. This blanket can be a handy muffler.

Suitable for hand-wash and machine wash. And it dries quickly.


100% linen. Made in Japan.
Size: about 210 x about 145 cm
Color: antique white
Please wash your hands gently.
* The color of the display on the online screen depends on your environment and others
It may differ slightly from the actual color. Please note.


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