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Adjustable, washable and water-resistant apron. Handmade in Montreal.
One of the most popular apron by chef, tattoo artist, sculptor and hip gardeners.
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Simple unisex design apron

▲Modeled by 156cm tall woman.

▲Modeled by 175cm tall woman.

Available in 3 colours




Genuine leather strap that is adjustable

The leather will be a bit hard at the beginning to fix on the brass stud button, but the longer you use, the leather will become softer.

▲Adjustable and removable strap

Please remove the strap when you wash the apron. To maintain the leather strap in a good condition, please polish with oil or leather cream occasionally.

▲Brand tag. 100% cotton.

About Dahls
Dahls'' was founded in 2012 with design, restaurants and fashion in mind, and inspired by Montréal and its artsy energy. Products are designed with natural materials that is durable, practical. Simple and chic are the key of their style.

Every single aprons is handmade in Montreal, with a special attention to materials-cotton and leather, all natural, and the way they’ll last.

Aprons are now not just popular for chefs but as well by woodworkers and tattoo artists.


Size:74x66cm Handmade in Montreal
Cotton cavas with water repellent finish.

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