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SELECT | [SALUE] Pintuck Sleeveless Blouse Wavy hem design to enhance the beautiful curve of your waist

Japan Fashion brand SALUÉ will hold a pre-order event in our Futakotamagawa Shed for 8 days from August 22 (Thu) to 29 (Thu).
This beautiful Pintuck blouse is one of the pre-order collection. But now you can order online too.
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Limited stock
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SALE  → 
Limited stock
Sold out
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■Beautiful expression of the spreading hem

A compact sleeveless blouse with a collar.

▲ Rose brown, model height 166cm

▲Grayish white

Each slightly angled pin tack makes the hem spread beautifully.

We use a high density, firm cotton fabric that is light and stay in shape.

Even when moving, the line created by pin tuck is kept beautiful.

■It smartly cover your body shape

The nice cutting hide your waistline too.

ワンサイドスリットロングスカートCoordinate with

The vertical pintuck leaves a strong impression of the blouse.

▲Grayish white

It is not transparent, so please don't worry.

■2 colours with rectangle buttons

Feminine rose brown and grayish white for smart causal or formal use.

This washed and natural fabric make you comfortable even during sweaty hot season.

Please handle the buttons with care. It may be slightly hard to button at the beginning but you will get use to it soon.

■Pre-order event in Futagotamkawa Shed

2019.8.22 (Thu) to 29 (Thu) 8 Days Event
Designer Fuji Saki will be in the event too. There are many pre-order items that will not be availabe online, catch this chance to meet the designer!

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Material: 100% cotton
Size: Free size
Length 65cm, Bust 106cm, Hem width 194cm, Shoulder width 36cm

・ We use delicate shell buttons. Please handle with care.


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