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Lisette | Solja Linen Blouse Decorated with Italian Lace

A comfortable, elegant linen blouse decorated with circular pattern lace from Italy. The pattern looks like wheels. A blouse that is easy to coordinate and easy to wear throughout the year.
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■Italian Lace

A blouse made of circular pattern Italian laces. Feminine. Subtle and elegant.

Linen Blouse Luana / (White) (Black)

■A special, different type of linen

We use plain weave linen fabric which is woven by changing the count with warp and weft. It features a refreshing and soft texture. You can feel the shari texture and stiffness texture. A piece which can be wore comfortably in summer. Sleeves are wide and loose.

■A relaxed, gracious silhouette

Gathers around the big, round collar and cuffs. Stripe of lace symmetrically decorated along the sleeves and body front. The area of the lace is made transparent. ▲As it is transparent, please wear something underneath.

■Enjoy various ways of wearing

Wear it as one single piece.


Wear it openly as a light, thin coat. ▲antique white


▲The length is short that looks good when matching pants or skirts.

A must have item for Spring summer wardrobe.


Materials 100% linen lace: 97% cotton 3% polyester (made in Japan)
color Antique White. Red. Ink
Length Bust sleeve length Cuffs Bottom width
51 133 47.5 30 122
-- about the size --
Machine wash with a net.



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