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SELECT | [Tabrik]Sun Umbrella Handmade in Kyoto: Tabrik Linen Parasol (sun umbrella)

Stylish Sun Umbrella with charming colour and fringe from Tabrik
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■UNIQUE: Each umbrella is created from 1 piece of fabric.

Original design & craft from Tabrik.
100% linen dyed in unique colours.

Dense weaved linen with a glossy, solid texture.

■It is made in a historical workshop in Kyoto

Workshop established 110 years ago. They still insist to make each umbrella by hand.

▲Chestnut tree wood as handle

▲Hook as a fastener

▲The tip is perfectly and elegantly wrapped.

■A parasol recommended for Japanese clothes and yukata, as well as for everyday outfit

4 options available. The striped fabric is a pattern combining thick lines and thin lines. It's durable and the style is classic.

▲From left khaki, blue stripe, black stripe, beige stripe

Beige Stripe

Black stripe

Blue stripe


■About Tabrik

Tabrik is a Japanese brand that create unique clothes and accessories. Each product is made in Japan.

▲Tabrik studio established in 2000. From design to production, it was originally done only by one brainchild designer Kaoru Teshima (手島紋さん).

《Handmade File》Tabrik: Spice up for simple, natural (in Japanese only)

Click here for Tabrik's product list


Material: 100% linen, chestnut tree
Color: Beige Stripe, Black stripe, Blue stripe, Khaki
Size: Length 70 cm Expanded umbrella diameter: Approximately 76 cm
Weight: around 370 g
Made in Japan
No UV coating process. It's a sun umbrella, please do not use in rain.

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