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the linen bird home | TLB home quilted sheets Instant dry! 100% Ramie Cotton Quilt sheets

100% Ramie Cotton quilted sheet.
Chic blue gray colour. Thin, plump texture and easy to dry.
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■A comfortable quilted sheet for any season.

100% natural materials, thin, soft, easy to wash and dry.

We carefully selected Ramie (hemp) and cotton, and combined with the fabric “Orlys Point” of the Belgian linen brand, LIBECO. ※)Click here to read more about Ramie (in Japanese) >>

▲Linen cotton with a feeling of neps clogged up. The colour is rich but mute, easily to coordinate with interior decor.

▲(on left: Before wash) (on right: After wash) You may feel it is a little rough at the beginning, but it gets softer and softer for frequent use.

You can put it in a blanket cover or under bed sheet, but I like to use it just like a bare bedsheet. Ramie is good for skin and a quality sleep.

■The Insider Story

We spent about 10 years on researching the sole use of ramie as the raw material. The cotton is made in Shiga, where is fanous for ​​textile production.

Later we specialized in producing Ramie, and we make natural bedding and home decor products. Ramie is strong, durable but at the same time thin and natural to skin.

▲Natural, anti-allergy, good for the whole family.

▲Because the fiber is hollow at the center of the fiber, it excels in water absorption, quick drying and heat retention.

■Easy wash and dry fast

Our staff love this product and we are using it too. It is easy to fold and store, and dry so fast!

Perfect for hot, humid season.

Good for kids too.

There are dube covers and pillow cases in the same series of fabrics.
※)Click here to read more about linen ramie (in Japanese) >>


Made in Japan
Outer material: Linen 51% Cotton 49%
Inside: Ramie 100% (Hemp)

※ Because it combines the store and the stock, it may not be available even if you order.
※ You can look at this product in TLB home Roppongi, linen bird home Futako Tamagawa.
※ There is no rubber attached to the mattress or mattress.
※ Please wash using the laundry net.

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