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INJIRI Jamdani Shawl

Thin, Jamdani weaved shawl with exotic pattern on both sides.

The scarf is in a large frame of 113 × 240cm. It can coordiate with a wide range of colour clothes. And it is light to carry with you for summer outing, to keep you warm under air-conditioner, or cover yourself as a natural sunscreen.

Size: 113 × 240cm
Material: 100% cotton, made in India
What is Jamdani?
Jamdani is considered as one of the most beautiful revelations of artisitc hand weave craft. This precious craftsmanship was listed in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2013.

Injiri is a brand founded by textile designer Chinar Farooqui in 2009. Injiri works with hand-loomed textiles for fine crafted clothing amd home products. The label is entirely based on the idea of celebrating the process of hand-woven and handcrafted Indian textiles. The label believes in working within the limitations of the techniques to create beautiful products.

-Please note that this is a hand-woven product, there may be some tiny flaw. This is the characteristic of hand made product.
-100% natural fabric. It may shrink slightly after wash.
-Hand wash individually is recommended.
-Colour of the actual product may be slightly different from online.


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