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en_weeklyIntroducing a silver ring with a traditional knitting pattern from Nordic indigenous local people.
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■Incorporating the traditions of Nordic local people

The Silver Ring Collection Designed and Made by YOHEI NOGUCHI.

A traditional accessory of the Saami people; the indigenous people of Scandinavia.
“Duodje” is a decorative embroidery technique passed down over 100s of years by the Saami people; the indigenous people of Scandinavia. The so-called “Saami Bracelet” is an accessory using such techniques.

▲Reference:Knitting pattern of Sammi bracelet

■Faithfully recreate and pay tribute to the original knitting pattern/h2>
A traditional quadruple pattern is made with pewter wire, a material unique to Scandinavia.

Not only the texture of the pewter wire, but also the gaps in the knitting pattern are expressed in silver.

The plain part is an accent.

In addition to knitting patterns, you can also wear with the plain part on top.

No. 9,11,13 sizes available. The larger the ring, the longer the plain area will be.

■Enjoy wearing it for years

Silver has a white finish and a slightly matte impression. The brightness is not too shiny but chic.

As you use it, the white part will be removed and it will change to a lustrous and shiny silver.

The plain part is with mirror finished. There is a little gloss from the beginning.

You can overlaps with a silver ring and a Saami bracelet.

■Yohei Noguchi's debut solo exhibition(finished)

Yohei Noguchi held his first solo exhibition at the Futako-Tamagawa Shed in June. Let us introduce his feminine Saami bracelet, filled with Scandinavian tradition.
Shed, Futagotamagawa-Yohei Noguchi's debut solo exhibition(in japanese)

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Material: Silver
Size: No. 9, No. 11, No. 13, width 0.6cm

・ Since all the items are handmade, there are some errors in size.
・ Silver may be discolored. Please note and keep it in a cool, dry, shaded place. Use professional silver cleaning cloth to clean. Do not use any alcohol or stimulative chemicals to clean.

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