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SELECT | [Lille og Stor]Contemporary Leather Tissue Box

A tissue paper cover that is made with leather.
Minimal and contemporary designed by Lille og Stor in East Tokyo.

《Handmade Flie》Lille og Stor's Lifestyle Design (In Japanese Only)
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■"Nys" - Wrap tissue in leather

This is where the bottom of the nys (bottom of the photo) and the top (bottom of the photo) are aligned. If you look just at the bottom of the leather, it does not look like a tissue case.

Speaking of a leather tissue case, it was a box-shaped image without cap on the bottom but nys is different from traditional tissue box cover.

It is a beautiful rounded design, taking the advantage of soft Nume leather. There is no seam, no adhesion, a simple, modern, unique product.

Different colours are available.

■Subtle. Bold & Charming

"nys" in Danish means "sneezing", especially during hay fever season, we cannot help to keep sneezing. So designer wants to create a product that bring some playfulness and happiness to life.

▲How it is folded

▲It is better to put a large pile of tissue in all at once

■Each product has slightly difference due to the nature of the leather

The longer you use, the softer it will be, and looks even better.

3 colours: black, brownm camel




■About Lille og Stor

Lille og Stor is a creative studio based in Tokyo and was founded by two designers, Jun and Yaco Yoshikane in 2013.
We aim to connect people with nature, and improve the lifestyle and the learning environment through our products.
With this in mind, we try to create products simple, beautiful and sustainable.

▲photo by:Lille og Stor

Lille og Stor is Danish, meaning smaller and larger.

We are working on simple and borderless items that can be shared by children, adults and all generations.


Material: leather
Color: black, brown, camel
Material: cow leather
Color: Black, Brown, Camel
Size: about 23 × 12 × 5 cm
※ The color of the on-screen display may differ slightly from the actual color depending on your environment and others.
※ Skin such as leather original scratches and blood lines, marks such as pores may be seen.
※ Color stains and stains may occur due to discoloration or the possibility of color transfer, friction or wetting.

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