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DIY Knit Sports Socks (pattern)

The way to make it is to start from the toe.
This pattern fits the arch of the foot.
You can knit with multi-colour yarns or mono colour yarns.
Socks suitable for men and women.
4 sizes pattern available.

Please read carefully before you start to knit.
Gauge: Knitting 5cm x 5cm = 17 eyes x 23 steps
Recommended needle: JP2 (US2 2.75mm) 5-bar needle or ring needle
Finished size: Sole 22cm ・ 24cm ・ 26cm ・ 28cm, mouth about 13. 5 ・ 14 ・ 16.5 ・ 19cm

Example and recommend yarns:・作品例
Thread used: Manos del Uruguay "Alegria" x 1

※ Please note that: This DIY kit only include pattern and instruction for knitting. Yarns is not included.

■ This item is also sold at Linen Bird Kitahama branch in addition to MOORIT.
Specifically, please inquire at the store.

Linen Bird Kitahama
Osaka 1F Chuo Ward Koraibashi 1-7-3 Kitahama Plaza 1F TEL: 06-6223-5517
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