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The Book of DIY Macrame Lace Accessories

en_weeklyA collection of Macrame lace works by handicraft artist Tatsukazu Matsuda(松田紗和).
We create expressive accessories using the technique of "Macrame", which creates patterns by tying threads together.
The world of "Macrame" extends to a number of accessories that come from traditional tying methods, such as shakokushi, flat knots, and roll knots. The instruction is easy to understand even for beginners.

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Author: Tatsukazu Matsuda (松田紗和)
Publisher: Culture Publishing Bureau
Size: 20 x 18 x 1.6 cm 95 pages

Tatsukazu Matsuda /Artist
She creates and designs accessories and bags based on the classic lace technique.
We have been working on macrame lace since 2010, and have a reputation for delicate works that use natural colored yarn and incorporate various knots.
In addition to presenting works at exhibitions and events at galleries and shops, he continues to seek to make classic technique races suitable for everyday life.

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