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SELECT | 【Order Made】[TENNE HANDCRAFTED MODERN]4 COLOR SKIRT (Staff Pick) My Favorite “4-Color Skirt”

en_weekly100% Egyptian Cotton! All colors in the chart can be used in the “4-Color Skirt”. You can even order the color selections recommended by our staff at Envelope!
Please note that it may take some time for this product to be delivered due to it being made-to-order.
Delivery Schedule: First-come first-served basis from September 2019.
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■ The “4-Color Skirt”; 2 skirt styles and 20 colors to choose from!

TENNE HANDCRAFTED MODERN has been continuously making the popular “4-Color Skirt” for a long time.

The 4 layers of overlapping, see-through Egyptian cotton provides the skirt with a wide variety of faces.
Simply choose 4 colors from the selection of 20 available. All 4 colors play a leading role in the pattern created.

Then, choose which skirt style you prefer – there are 2 available; Flare Skirt and Long Skirt.
Although the Flare Skirt uses an abundance of material, it doesn’t take up too much room. It elegantly sways as you walk.

▲Flare、Front Colour:Matcha

▲Front Colour:Flesh colour

A 19cm slit is incorporated into the side of the Long Skirt; thus meaning each overlaid color is ever-so-slightly visible. The Long Skirt has a more sophisticated appearance than that of the Flare Skirt.

▲Long, Front Colour:Matcha

▲Front Colour:Amber

Can’t decide on the colors? Allow us to introduce the “4-Color Skirt” creations selected by the staff here at Envelope. It can be a useful resource when creating the skirt of your choice!

■ "I want to fully appreciate the beautiful colors" (Staff: Watanabe)
“I have chosen the Long Skirt option as I usually wear pants and don’t feel too comfortable exposing my legs. Lots of the clothes I already own are either black or of calming colors. With this in mind, and with the aim of creating a skirt with beautiful colors, the first color I selected was Pale Pink. The other colors where simply selected due to the fact that they don’t conflict and match well with the Pale Pink.”

【Shape】Long Skirt
【Colour】①①Pink+②②Natural(Group A)/❸❸Lavender+❹❹Gray(Group B)

“I decided to have the leading baby pink color as the outermost layer①. The other 3 colors are in order of darkness; light to dark. I often wear Grey ❹; it is even possible to flip the skirt inside out❹ and wear it;”

■ "Ambitious, cheerful colors!" (Staff: Ishikawa)

"I don’t have a skirt of similar material in my wardrobe, so I wanted to go crazy and make it completely unique! I chose to use an energetic yellow (Yellow yolk) as the leading color.”

【Shape】Long Skirt
【Colour】①①Yellow Yolk+②②Grey(Group A)/❸❸Lavendar+❹❹Natural(Group B)

“If the mood takes me, I can also simply add my favorite color (blue-grey)! The other 2 colors are light colors which fit well with the overall look.”

■ "Reliable colors easily worn on daily basis" (Staff: Kawakami)

“I like the positioning of the gradation in the Long Skirt. I decided to play it safe and choose colors which can be easily worn on a daily basis. The first color I chose was Grey. I decided to make up the other 3 colors with warm beige colors upon realizing the delivery date would be during the fall.”

【形】Long Skirt
【色】①①Grey+②②Light Grey(Group A)/❸❸Beige+❹❹Navy(Group B)

"Primarily focusing on ①①GreyI ordered the other layers so as to create a soft, calming appearance. And I choose ❹❹Navy as inner colour."

■ "I like skirts of just the right length!" (Staff: Shimizu))

"I chose a flare to fit my height (153cm tall) and I like the right knee length and the spread, so I chose a dark pink (Bordeaux) that looks nice, and just perfect for my shape."

【Colour】①Bordeaux+②Baby Pink(Group A)/❸Grey+❹Natural(Group B)

「❸and❹are in front, it's nice to see the pinks from the bottom. You can enjoy 4 patterns to fit your mood.

■ "I want a completely different skirt!" (Staff: Hamanaka)

“I choose the Long Skirt style as I like the way the underneath colors are slightly visible through the slit. I decided to take this opportunity to create a completely unique skirt upon looking at the color chart. I took the plunge and combined the easy-to-wear color ① ①Black, with ❹ ❹Yellow (Yellow Yolk).”

【Shape】Long Skirt
【Colour】①Black+②Gray(Goup A)/❸Thin Gray+❹Yellow Yolk(Group B)

“I chose 2 different greys which harmonize the strong black and yellow as the other 2 colors. I decided that the best order would be to put the yellow layer as the innermost layer, with the grey, light grey and black beautifully sitting on top.”

■ "I used my intuition and chose my 2 favorite colors" (Staff: Amano)

“I choose the Flare Skirt as I like the way the colors gently overlap as they sway. I simply chose 2 of my favorite colors to begin with (Grey and Matcha Green). I then just had to choose 2 other colors which would harmonize these and suit the color of clothes I normally wear.”

【Colour】①Gray+②Beige(Group A)/❸Matcha+❹Flesh(Group B)

"If you put beige under gray, you get a deep impression of color and a chic impression. Turn it over, put matcha under your skin and it's interesting to have a color change like iridescent, so in this order did"

About designer

■ “Knowledge of 3-dimentional cutting provides the power to make clothes.”
“I have always liked clothing. I actually went to a Science University and found a job, but upon careful consideration I decided that I would be happier making clothes.
I learned how to make clothes under Chie Koike; the former President of the Bunka Fashion College who popularized 3-dimensional cutting.
The technique of applying material directly to a torso means that the clothes created have the figure and appearance as desired. I often fall back on this useful expertise today. It may only be a slight difference, but the wearer can feel a difference in the appearance and presence of an item made via this technique.
The experience gained learning under Chie Koike provided me with the valuable power to make clothes.” (Kei Tsushima)

TENNE started with 10 different types of clothing in 2004. It changed its brand name to TENNE HANDCRAFTED MODERN upon its 10th anniversary. Cherishing the unique craft of hand-making clothes, the items now available have been made even more sophisticated.

■ Pursuing “Weaving” and “Knitting”
The theme of TENNE HANDCRAFTED MODERN for Fall/Winter 2018 is “Weaving and Knitting”. These items do not merely collage fabric and knitwear; rather they effectively combine the 2 materials to create new, yet comfortable clothes.

■Tips and information to choose the colours

(In Japanese only) The “4 COLOR SKIRT” special page introduces how to select and stack colors in detail. Please take a look at it.
click here for the special page

Material: Egyptian cotton 100%
Waist 70 cm, Length 69 cm, around hem 270 cm
Waist 70 cm, Length 74 cm, around the hem 168 cm

※ The size is a guide for draping.
※ We recommend dry cleaning.
※ The color of the on-screen display may differ slightly from the actual color depending on your environment and others.
■ About payment
・ In the case of credit card payment
Because this product takes more than a month from order to delivery, due to the convenience of the system, we will settle the order.
・ In case of bank transfer, postal transfer
Please transfer to a designated account within 7 days of ordering.
※ COD is not available for order production.

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