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SELECT | [Tabrik] Pleat Wrapped Skirt

en_weeklyTasteful, sensual colors and textures. The bright colored wrap skirt is lavishly decorated with fine pleats.
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■ eye-catching color wrap skirt

Perfect for summer, long skirt dyed with energetic color.

Simple coordination. 3 colour options.


▲red Kashkour Dressto match


▲Pocket part

▲Hiddle pcoket part

■ The sense of sheer

A unique pleat is Tabrik's original pleat applied at a pleat factory in Kyoto.

▲Plenty of luxurious pleats

▲ Pleated changing from up to down

A light texture, overlapping gradients along with movement, and a skirt that enjoys a sense of sheer.

▲Light and fluffy

■ Asymmetric design

▲Pleated part is transparent specification with no cut

▲Different length of movement

■Delicate handmade detail

Tabrik has done all the finishing that can only be done with detailed parts or by hand.
Fine finish by hand.

▲Strings can be tied in front, tied sideways, and arranged in knots

▲A tassel ordered at a workshop in Kyoto at the end of a swaying string

■About 「Tabrik」

Tabrik is a brand that produces fabrics in domestic production areas and designs clothes from them. Items incorporating natural materials and handicrafts are so natural that they are refined and teach you the fun of posing.

▲Tabrik started in 2000. From pioneering a workshop to request production of fabric to making clothing, the designer, Kaoru Teshima, is alone.
Add spices to natural materials - Tabrik Clothes (in Japanese only)


Material: 100% polyester, Waist area 100% linen
Size: Skirt length about 93cm, waist about 72cm ~ 80cm
Model height: 168 cm
※ I would like cleaning (petroleum-based) to keep pleating for a long time.
・ Hold it on a hanger and store it without overlapping or folding to maintain the shape of the pleats.
・ If it gets wet, wipe off the moisture quickly, adjust the shape of the pleat, and hang it on a hanger to dry it.
・ If iron (steam) is applied to the pleated part, the pleat may be lost.
-Please refrain from using tumbler drying and bleach.
・ Please check the laundry label for handling the tassel, and be careful enough.
-Please enjoy the aging of the tassel.

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