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SELECT | Atelier el Ripple (Pierce Earrings, Earrings)

Lys ligne is a collection from Atelier el atelier. The products feature simplicity and softness of female. This time we feature The Ripple Earrings.
※Each product is made by hand, so there may have some slightly difference of each piece.
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The earrings are inspired by light, gentle water ripples

Ripples that spread when you drop pebbles on the water surface.

Pierce Earrings/ Earrings are made of K10 gold. Each piece is handmade by gold hammer powdering to leave gauze texture.

Simple. Delicate. Swinging in the air.

The material and it's reflection with the natural light makes you look elegant. The diameter is 24mm, it's light and subtle.

Painless, easy and convenient to wear

There are two ways to put on Atelier el earrings. One is slip and hang on the earlobe.

Another way is to hang on other thinner edge of the ear. Feel free to be creative.

Bringing the metal alive

Atelier el is a brand founded by Hideyuki Okamoto and Ayaka Okamoto. The workshop starts in a room of an old building in Kobe.

The jewelery that goes hand-in-hand from the bullion is just metal that makes you feel warm.

It is designed to fit the skin along the curves of the body so that it looks beautiful when worn.

▲the product comes with a box

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Material: K10 gold
Size: Diameter about 24mm (piercing), diameter about 16mm (earring)

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