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[Order Made] Rakushka Earrings and Necklace

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This is the theme of our designer Elvira's 2019 collection.
Зvезда(ZVEDA ズヴェズダ)means "Sea" in Russian.

This collection "Rakushka" include earrings and necklace.
The shellfish (lakshuka) motif that wraps around a single pearl with a 100% hand knit, delicate lace.
A luxurious accessory that adds a warmth of lace to the soft glow of pearls, also known as "drops of the moon" and "mermaids tears".
The colour of yarn is carefully selected to create a harmony with natural pearls.
The earrings and necklace chains are gold for pink and silver for oysters.

The motif is inspired by the sea, that plays an active role in nature all year round.

Elvira recommends to coordinate with simple attire and one-colour tone fashion style.

As it is an order product, we will deliver the finished work in a box, carefully made one by one after receiving your order.

About "Зvезда (Zvezda)"
Handmade brand "Зvезда (Zvezda)" founded by our designer Elvira.
Зvезда is a word that means "star" in Russian. Russia has the phrase "touch the star" and is used in the sense of "getting a dream."
As "touching a star", people around the world can realize their dreams ... With such a wish, Зvезда was born.
Pierced pink
Material: K14 Gold Filled, Cotton, Freshwater Pearl, Metal
Pierced oyster
Material: SV 925, Cotton, Freshwater Pearl, Metal,
Material: red bronze, cotton, freshwater pearl,

Size: Motif width about 1.5 cm, height about 2.5 cm / total length of piercing about 5.5 cm / total length of necklace about 13 cm

Delivery schedule: about 3 weeks after order

※ It is not product for metal allergy. If your plating does not suit your skin, please refrain from ordering.
-Please note that there may be slight differences in color and shape, as they are produced by hand one by one.
-Please keep out of reach of children.
・ Please do not use at the time of bathing.
・ Perspiration or wetness may cause discoloration or deterioration. After use, please wipe gently with a soft cloth.
-If in use, if you feel abnormal skin, please discontinue use.
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