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1+0 by Kan Ito/ Rimmed plate

plate S
φ18cm×H2cm(rim 1cm)
plate M
φ21cm×H2cm(rim 1cm)
plate L
Kan Ito produces the product line “1+0.”
In this product line, Ito suggests the charm of quality products by the craftsmen who were called “Toko (potter)” in the Edo and Meiji periods.
These daily use products are made by local craftsmen who give painstaking attention to details such as shapes and baking methods, and have the feel of a craftsman’s manual work.

Rimmed plates in 3 different sizes.
According to Ito, the astragal and curve of the rim, which make scooping easier, can be formed only by handwork.
Also, because natural glazes are used and the entire production processes are manually done, even the same size items differ slightly from one to another in color and shape and you can feel the warmth of human hands from them.

Size S is useful as a small individual plate for those who think that size M or L may be a little too big.
Size L makes a perfect dinner plate

* The number of the products in stock is limited.
* Colour of the screen may slightly differ from the actual colour of the item depending on your PC environment.
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