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SELECT | [箱田鞄 Hakodakaban] Long Leather Wallet

A brand with passion to make daily use products with leather and meticulously craft that can make the product last 100 years or longer.
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Warm colour collections: Red, Mustard yellow, Chocolate brown

3 colour options

Beside long wallet (bottom left), this collection has other 3 items: coin bag (top left), Key holder (top right), Book cover (bottom right)

Feel free to match with your fashion coordination everyday.

Rich colours match well with classic attire.

"Mustard yellow" gives you energy.

It's so easy to spot when it's put inside big bags.

Chocolate brown is my all time favourite.

"Tac Perth" is a full pouch type wallet
Rounded form is adorable, inside sewing tailored pouch type wallet.
The interior is divided into 5 rooms, with a zipper in the middle.
There are seven places to insert cards, and you can store about 20 cards.

Leather interior pocket visible on the right is for "Suica (PASMO)".

When lots of cards are put inside.

Material is Italian Butterassi's cowhide oil leather,
Inside fabric is cotton, which allow cards to be taken out easier.

Material: cowhide (front) × cotton (middle)
Color: Red, chocolate, mustard
Size: length 12.5 cm × width 21.5 cm × thickness 3 cm

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