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KOHORO | Original design leather tote bag with rattan handle by KOHORO

This handbag speaks for simplicity and modernity.
The clean, timeless design is perfect to fit in formal ceremony or weekend gatherings.

tote bag: Rattan handle and leather
size: W32cm D13.5cm H32cm

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Limited stock
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SALE  → 
Limited stock
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New Arrival of original design rattan leather tote bag

The tote bag is made with thick natural leather, and the rattan handle is skillfully made in Saitama prefecture.

The rattan is light, but strong and durable, bended in perfect angle to fit your hand comfortably.

Leather is tanned with vegetable ingredients, and polished in a fine way.

The leather is left in its natural colour.

The black bag is dyed in a matte style.

It is polished with oil, that give it a moist and smooth feeling.


Original Rattan Leather Tote Bag
Material: Cow leather
Handle: Rattan
Size:W32cm D13.5cm H32cm(*include handle)Body:H23cm
※with internal pocket
Colour: natural, black

◆If you would like to see this in our shop◆
Since there is no stock in our shop, please contact us before you visit and we will prepare for you.

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― How to care ―
Don't leave the natural leather bag continuously under strong sunlight.
Some colour may slightly come off from black leather bag, don't rub it against light colour clothes.

〈How to maintain〉
〇Rattan handle
Wipe and clean with a dry cloth. Remove dust with small brush or vaccum cleaner.
If there is a stain, gently clean with a little natural detergent with a dry cloth.
(Do not use strong detergent, wax or thinner)
Rattan is a natural material, don't leave in extremely heated area or strong sunlight.

Apply waterproof spray occasionally, spray about 30cm away.
It's polished with oil, so you don't need to wipe it with waxing cream. Just rub it gently with a dry cloth.

〈Rainy days care〉
If the bag gets wet, please wipe it with a dry cloth.
Try not to use during rainy days, especially not wearing with light colour clothes.

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