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SELECT | M.F.B Black leather Bag by Chie Tachino M.F.B Black leather Bag by Chie Tachino

Introducing the clasp handbag from the Chie Tachino Collection.
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■Decent design

Gold fittings / machine sewing should be refrained from as much as possible to ensure of a simple design which not only suits quality attire, but also avoids negatively affecting the users skin or clothes.

Thus, those wearing delicate materials, such as silk or a kimono, can rest assured when using this handbag.

Both the hidden gold clasp and the inner hook has magnetic capabilities to ensure that the bag of the mouth always stays cleanly closed.

This bag can be comfortably used for work or during formal occasions due to the fact that the design holds an air of integrity and diligence.

■Cow leather using Japanese vegetable tannin

Handbags can often have contact with the users body.

Due to this, this handbag has thoughtfully used Japanese vegetable tannin in its manufacture so that users can use it with ease and reduce the burden on their body.。

■Custom-made box

This bag is delivered inside its very own custom-made box.

■Chie Tachino

Chie Tachino was born in 1980 in Kanazawa, Japan. She was involved in an apparel design company after graduating from Musashi Art University. She then went on to study abroad in France. It was there that she become fascinated by old shoes. In 2009 she started working at a handmade shoe studio in Asakusa (Tokyo, Japan), where she acquired the hand-sewn welted shoe technique. She went on to set up her own atelier 4 years later in 2013. Chie Tatsuno travelled to the U.K. in 2014, where she trained for a short time under shoemaker Jason Amesbury. Alongside other skilled craftsmen, Tatsuno currently makes handmade molded shoes using original wooden shoe molds, traditional techniques, and top-quality materials.

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tachino chie M.F.B(口金バッグ)
Inside is a black canvas with one pocket.
Table leather: domestic plant tannin tanned cowhide
Inside material: domestic canvas, 100% cotton
Bottom pot: domestic, brass
Base: Domestic, aluminum
Height about 27.5 cm Width about 31.5 cm Depth about 6 cm
Shoulder portion (not including the ring portion) about 57.5 cm

About handling
・After use (sealed parts carefully), remove dust with a brush or soft cloth.
・Please store in a well-ventilated place out of light.
・Because of tannin tanning, if you inhale cream fat, the color of the leather may become dark.

Photo: Akari Takagi

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